Weather! or Not? Deluxe Weatherbrella


Weatherbrella, HUD and Animation Overrider

The Weather! Or Not? Deluxe Weatherbrella is something you find in SL that is truly one-of-a-kind. Created by Further Monday and Fang Roffo, the Deluxe Weatherbrella (as well as its sister product the Deluxe OMGothBrella, brings the weather you want anywhere you go. I’m not exactly sure what the market is for a product like this, but I would think photographers wanting to bring more realism (as well as possibly a bit more silliness) to their photoshoots might find this gadget useful. Personally, I had a lot of fun with it because it’s a silly toy that brings out the child in me and I spent a good 30 minutes just playing around with the different weather effects included.

Speaking of the weather, each Deluxe Weatherbrella includes 8 different particle effects: rainstorm, bubbles, hearts, snow, falling leaves, jumping frogs, purple rain and cats and dogs.

The Weatherbrella includes a HUD, which controls the different particle effects. Attached to the right is the Weatherbrella AO, which you can find for free at their shop.

Rainstorm effect

Clicking on the Weatherbrella gives you a color change option. I went with purple because everybody loves purple, right? I know I do.

The picture off to the right demonstrates my favorite effect, the rainstorm. Simple, straightforward, and makes me slightly homesick for my beloved Seattle. Still, it’s a great effect that shows the love that the creators have for delivering a product that is fun and easy to use.

If you would like to purchase this product, you can find it for $350L at the new Weather! or Not? store in Cape Victoria or on Xstreet.


2 Responses to “Weather! or Not? Deluxe Weatherbrella”

  1. Chou Says:

    We used those umbrellas for a photo shoot for an SL magazine, and I couldn’t think of a better option if you need an umbrella indoors, as a gadget, as a fashion item, or to create a picturesque scene.

  2. Michael Cela Says:

    They are a fantastic product, and definitely something suited to photographers who want to use weather effects in their photos without having to have an elaborate particle system to do so.

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