Abranimations Wildcat Photo Booth

Uccello in RW ShreddedAside from prim food and sculpty rocks, I tend to collect photobooths in my Second Life®. This shot was taken with a modified Abranimations Wildcat Photo Booth (L$300 in-world or on XStreetSL). So far I have yet to find or to make a single booth that suits all my needs thus my inventory is cluttered with at least a half-dozen “commercial” units and dozens of custom-builts. The Abranimations unit has some very nice features that make it stand out as a solid, general purpose solution.

Chief amongst these is a special HUD freely given to any user that allows for the in-world camera to “snap back” to a user set view. Some units I’ve seen have this, but only for the owner’s use. Of course, I could use something like the (mirada) smartCAM to do this and more , but if I didn’t already have it that would be an extra expense and not something everyone could use.

Booth overviewThe unit also includes a four-point lighting system, glow options for the static backdrop, and a multipose stand. A “screen” feature is included for a blindingly-white option so you can do separations in post-processing or if you just need a shadowless background. It is that simple. Fortunately, it is also modifiable so you can add your own poses and change the backdrop. The screen is a cube that makes editing the backdrop difficult, but not impossible. Odd proportions on that prim means that for a symmetrical  texture to appear without distortion the repeats have to carefully set. There is no provision to stock the prim with textures to display on touch, but adding a 3rd party script to do that shouldn’t be hard for an experienced builder.

Eventually I’m going to modify the structure to enlarge the backdrop and possibly add a curve to the floor/wall transition to allow greater freedom in choosing shot angles. Then again, I just might find another booth.


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