Dangerous Donuts

[s2] Donut LauncherThe combat potential of baked goods has been grossly neglected over the milennia. Countless times a hard and dry breadroll or ciabatta has saved a life during a melee fight. And also the French baguette gets underestimated in its clubbing capacities. Only the custard pie gets recognized as a means of combat, but lacks the insignia of a 21st century weapon in terms of range and fast reloading.

[s2] Donut Launcher 02 Enter the Donut Launcher by [s2], of Japanese designer sTwo Acker. Shooting a variety of deliciously glazed donuts (including my favourite chocoalte glazed one), this device brings bakery warfare to the next level. The plexiglass magazine holds 13 donuts, including special expanding donuts that grow to 10 times their size upon exiting the barrel.

Non-immersive technical facts: like all weapons the Donut Launcher only functions with mouselook enabled. Reload time is fairly fast – it is a fun weapon, and not intended for any accurate simulation. The donut projectiles are temporary, however rezzing needs to be allowed.

[s2] Donut Launcher SoM giftThe Donut Launcher is a free gift at [s2] when you sign up for their Subscribe-o-Matic. It gets delivered to you immeditaley after you join their update group – make sure you are not in “Busy” mode, otherwise it is lost. The [s2] shop in Nipponbashi is worth a visit in any case: lots of hilarious gadgets at the typical very low Japanese prices. Be sure the explore the full shop, especially the seemingly empty basements – there are a few gifts hidden there, and the build is quite nice.

Gadget: Donut Launcher (Subscribe-o-Matic signup gift)
sTwo Acker
Shop: [s2] (Blog, SLURL)


4 Responses to “Dangerous Donuts”

  1. Merrick Thor Says:

    Peter, Peter, Peter …

    Now WHY is it you’ve never mentioned this blog to me before? LOL … you should know from the Ch’Know group how nuts I am about all things gadgety and cool in SL. Screw fashion … gimmie high explosives and/or a highly-detailed sculpted submersible, right?!? =D

    I found sTwo’s shop a while back and I definitely agree that he makes some very cool, very affordable doo-dads. If you go to his shop, make sure you check out his SLCart – a configurable roller-coaster car of sorts available in both 2 and 4-seat varieties. I have it on my land and have been toying with making a roller-coaster that ranges all over … if I can ever tear myself away from my workshop, MAYBE I’ll even FINISH it! =P

  2. mark coyle Says:

    great site a very helpful informations.thamx

  3. Second Stindberg: REZpectable: Donut Launcher Says:

    […] the insignia of a 21st century weapon in terms of range and fast reloading.Continue reading at REZpectable, the SL gadget blog. Labels: gadget, gimmick, MV-SL-Technical, REZpectable, Second Life, […]

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