Nissa’s Newsstand: Role Magazine May 2009


Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Nissa Nightfire, and I’m a magazine addict. I love the stories, the photographs, and the ads. I love the design of it all, and I especially love the editorial interpretations of life and culture in the fascinating world we call Second Life. My confession of addiction to Peter Stindberg happened to mesh with an idea he had floating around in his head — and a new Rezpectable column was spawned. Welcome to Nissa’s Newsstand, where we’ll connect you to some of the latest SL magazine offerings, including mainstream and niche publications. Our goal is to ultimately provide a complete overview of all SL magazines. To give me a heads-up on your own publication, please contact Nissa Nightfire in-world, or at

Role Magazine : May 2009

Role Magazine May 2009I’m launching this column with one of the newer kids on the magazine block – Role Magazine, which just published its sixth issue. One of the things I truly enjoy about Role Magazine is its broad coverage of diverse aspects of Second Life. I always feel like a slightly more well-rounded resident after reading through this magazine.

Role Magazine’s May cover story discusses intellectual property (IP) rights, including trademark and copyright. Virtual IP law is relatively new, and still in early stages of development. Much of this development is playing out in SL, due to its very real economy. Stacie Pryor discusses the issues and challenges in enforcing IP rights in a virtual environment.

Role’s main fashion spread features bridal wear, while stylist Ana Lutetia provides advice for the many men (other than the groom) who find themselves attending wedding festivities. Other Role contributors bring you wedding advice, fashion mixes and designers, urban design for your home, a primer on buying land, art, travel, and the music scene.

Nissa’s Pick

My favorite piece from this edition of the magazine is the Music column, by Jura Shepherd. This month, the column doesn’t feature a particular artist, but talks about a group, The ORIGINALS, that raises awareness of artists who perform their original music in SL. I’m not entering the debate about the merits of performing covers versus performing original compositions — but I definitely applaud anything that encourages artists to share original music with SL residents, as that strikes me as part of the essence of Second Life at its best. I appreciate learning about this group, and hope to take in one of their showcases very soon!

What’s Inside

Cover Story: IP Rights – Protect Yourself
Hot Finds: Coco Designs
Mix & Match
Fashion Spread: Blushing Bridal Wear
Maculino: Your Best Friend’s Wedding
For Men: Winter Jefferson & Lawless McBride
Body & Mind: Relationships
Dear Felicity
House & Living: Urban Living in the SL World; Sugar Mill Poses: Where Dorks Rule!
Music: The Originals
Art: Lost World; Time Passes
Travel Guide: So Say We All!
Gadgets & “Know How”: The Land Game

  • Number of Article/Columns : 15
  • Number of Authors: 13
  • Pages: 78
  • Percentage of Ads: 30%

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4 Responses to “Nissa’s Newsstand: Role Magazine May 2009”

  1. Nissa’s Newsstand « Magpie Metaverse Says:

    […] Check out my inaugural post about Role Magazine HERE […]

  2. Nissa’s Newsstand « Second Life’s largest community blog Says:

    […] Check out my inaugural post about Role Magazine HERE […]

  3. Emerald Wynn Says:

    I love this idea, Nissa! YAY! And thank you!!!

    *bookmarks this page*

  4. Nissa Nightfire Says:

    Yay! thanks, Emerald — you made my day 🙂

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