Samurai Showdown

Although my love of high powered weapons in SL is well known, I decided it was time to try something a little more graceful and delve into the world of swords to see what it had to offer.

From asking around those who I’ve seen with swords, the two names that came up most frequently were Musashi Blades and Hanzo Blades. Not knowing which of the two would be the right choice for me, I decided the best option was to simply buy both and compare, the results of which I shall share with you now.

First off, a technical comparison:

Hanzo Musashi
Price L$ 800 800
Prims (Sheath) 155 204
Prims (Sword) 67 124
Blade Attacks 9 9
Kick Attacks 3 3
Blocking Yes Yes
Customise Colours Yes Yes

Technically, these two swords are very similar, the only difference is that the Musashi is noticeably more prim heavy. It’s when we start using the swords we notice more of the differences between the two.

Hanzo Blades

Hanzo Blades

While the texturing on both swords is excellent, the extra prims of the Musashi have been put to good use and produce a sword that feels a little more sturdy and detailed. However, it is yet to be seen if those extra prims would make a noticeable difference when in combat, though hopefully it should not account for too much additional lag.

Musashi Blades

Musashi Blades

Both swords offer the same number of attacks and kicks, both accessed by using the direction keys while holding down your left mouse button, and double or triple pressing the keys to use the advanced attacks. I did find the extra attacks were easier to access with the Hanzo, as the keys could simply be hit in rapid succession, whereas the Musashi requires you to press the keys with more precise timing. The Hanzo is certainly an easier sword to get to grips with, however the sword is a weapon that should be mastered, and perhaps it’s good that you must practice to become a master.

The animations within both swords are very good, with the Hanzo giving very fast, sharp movements, and the Musashi having slightly more graceful movement.

Hanzo detailing

Hanzo detailing

Probably the biggest difference between the two swords is how they would be used. The Hanzo is compatible with DCS2, CCS & WARPS, which means you can use it in a variety of roleplay sims that support them. The Musashi is aimed at the C:SI system specifically designed for Samurai Island, although there was no mention if it would be compatible with any other systems currently.

Finally, both swords can be customised, allowing you to change their shine, and colouring of the handle and sheaths. Both swords come with HUD’s, the Hanzo being a simple HUD for drawing, sheathing and customising, whereas the Musashi HUD is more to do with the C:SI system integration.

Musashi detailing

Musashi detailing

As for which sword you choose to go for, I think it will depend a lot on your intended use. For an easy to use sword which can be used in many different combat enabled sims I would recommend the Hanzo. If you’re looking for a sword to master and take part in the tournaments run by Samurai Island, the Musashi would be the best choice.

Whichever path you choose, may it be one of honour and victory. *bows respectfully*


2 Responses to “Samurai Showdown”

  1. Petros Miklos Says:

    very interesting review :))

  2. Bunny Says:

    You have chosen a dropdead gorgeous setting for your pics :p

    But that aside, nice review! I prefer the Musashi swords, mainly because my clan is active on Samurai Island and once you have fought your way through the C:SI ranks, you don’t want to let go anymore 😉 But I also love the Hanzo blades and sometimes feel their scripts are a little less lag-prone than the Musashi ones.

    And I fully agree with you on the animations. Hanzo anims show a perfectly clean attack and defense simulation while the Musashi ones have a slightly poetic feel. Thanks for the review!

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