Conover’s Flight Assist

Something that’s true of both real life© and Second Life© is that if you want to get anywhere fast, your best option is to fly (ok, in SL© we can teleport, but I’m thinking short distances here).

The beauty of flying in-world is that we don’t need to pay, go through probing security checks and squash into a confined space with screaming children and people with an aversion to soap.  You just up and go, perfect.

But perfect as it is, it can always be a little better, and that’s where the flight assist comes in.  There are many different flight assists available, but the one I want to focus on, which I find comes in useful on a daily basis is the flight assist by Conover.

First of, it does the obvious, it helps you fly the way most flight assists do; up to any height you desire and at greater speeds.  So far I’ve has mine up to 10,000m, and does so particularly smoothly.

Conover's Flight Assist

Conover's Flight Assist

Where Conover really starts to stand out is the little extras.  First off, and the one that caught my eye the most is the dash option; this works both when flying or walking, and with a quick key combination you can be blasted in any direction for a preset number of meters.  This is useful both for when you want to nip to the other side of a shop to look at something, or if you find yourself trapped in a solid object, as it’s fast enough to push you straight through walls.

The other feature I find myself quite often is the ability to send yourself up or down on autopilot; for example, issuing the command /up 1000 will take you 1000 meters up from your current position as fast as it can.

And finally, speaking of speed, you can also choose how fast you want to go; from a gentle 20 meters per second, up to a mind numbing and sim border crashing 100 meters per second!

Priced at a very reasonable L$50, it’s available at various outlets in-world, and at the main store on Titan.


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