Heavy Duty Contest Boards

Nadine Nozaki is a professional hoster in SL for a long time already. She has worked with all kinds of event equipment, be it dance machines, lighting equipment, PA repeaters or – contest boards. While a lot of the equipment she has worked with in the past functions fairly well during slow events, the crucial test is a laggy sim with lots of guests. The sobering experiences during these hosting jobs made her start developing her own line of contest boards.

Heavy Duty Contest Board

A few days ago, Nadine release a new, fully reworked version of her boards, and the list of features reads quite impressive:

Streamlined performance:

  • Eliminate lag with 100% Mono-based minimal processing overhead scripts
  • Easy to set up – out-of-the-box configuration will suit most club environments
  • Run and control multiple boards simultaneously
  • Integrated zero-configuration group control system
  • Fully copyable – rez as many boards as you like
  • Free, lifetime updates!

Customization Options:

  • Add your own modules and scripts with the easy and expandable interface
  • Full-perm winner-item-giver is included as sample modle
  • Full-perm winner-profilepic-viewer included
  • Customize the look of the board with your own skins and graphics

Contest Features:

  • Select free entry or entry fee (gets added to the prize money)
  • Decide if contestants need to vote in order to win
  • Allow voters to change their votes
  • Late entries may join the contest during voting
  • Host can remove contestants

Prize Money Features:

  • Contest can run without prize money
  • Allow anybody to add to the prize money (Open Prize Money Donation)
  • Unique money sharing system: prize money can be retrieved from the board owner’s account by the host (configurable limit, option is off by default)

I attended a few events during which Nadine did live betatest of the new boards, and I can confirm they work quite well. The text appeared quickly, the reaction was instantaneous even while patrons in the club were fooling around with loads of particles and rezzed physical toys. In fact my own animations slowed down, but the boards did not. And – hey – I won 200 L$ from one contest 🙂

The upcoming St. Patrick celebrations will see a lot of events in Second Life, and if you need a reliable board that even is full copy, then Nadine’s Heavy Duty board is a good choice.

There is a promotion going on right now, with the boards at an introductory price of 195 L$ – but hurry, it’s limited to 10 boards!


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